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An authentic tribute to the senses

Kamezí Deli & Bistró is much more than a restaurant. We have created for you a temple of gastronomy in which you will enjoy a sophisticated market cuisine based on zero kilometer products.

The best place in which to taste the delicacies of Lanzarote, designed for the delight of your palate and attended by a team of people who will offer you an excellent service. The fresh and seasonal products, fruit of the work of local farmers, are the protagonists of the dishes proposed by our kitchen staff, always ready to innovate.


Our tasting menu is the maximum expression of our commitment to market cuisine. The products offered by our local suppliers pass through our kitchen stoves daily. Therefore, the gastronomic proposal of our kitchen staff changes daily, being faithful to our philosophy and giving value to the local product. A tasting menu Kilometre 0 honest with our values, which pretend to be a daily tribute to the product, with deep respect for the essence of flavour and without sacrificing innovation.

We offer you our gastronomic experience of 9 or 12-course tasting menus. If you wish, we invite you to accompany our menus with different wine pairing proposals, with a varied choice of wines from our select winery.

  • Gánigo · 90 €

    Gánigo tasting menu 9 dishes
  • Bernegal · 105 €

    Bernegal tasting menu 12 dishes
  • Short wine pairing · 50 €
  • Long wine pairing · 60 €
Wine Cellar

Our Wines

The Kamezí Deli & Bistró winery is a celebration of wine. A pampered selection that aims to collect our passion and ourvision of wine culture.

With the supervision of renowned winemakers, we have created a proposal that gathers the best of the great wineries along with the most authentic creations of the small winemakers.


Cócteles de autor

The creations of our bartender are based on artisan techniques with local products in a way that pays tribute to the great cocktail classics mixing history, tradition, proximity and sustainability.


Our restaurant is part of Kamezí Senso concept, a space designed to make your experience at Kamezí Boutique Villas a true tribute to the senses. We have created for you an oasis of tranquillity that combines our commitment to sustainable luxury and the pursuit of happiness, from a healthy approach.


Dinners from Tuesday to Saturday

Timetables and availability in our booking systems

*Timetables adapted to the current social and health situation.

Our gourmet market

Deli Market

Kamezí Market is not a traditional supermarket. It is a luxury pantry and a great showcase to grant all your whims. We offer you a wide variety of gourmet products chosen with care


We make homemade bread and pastries every day, both for our restaurant and for you to take it freshly made to your villa.

Bar - Terrace

Ocean View Terrace

Kamezí Deli & Bistró connects with the ocean through an infinite inland water raft, behind which we have spaces to contemplate the horizon, in a nod to the volcanic caves of our island. An integral connection with our environment that offers our guests a unique experience, in which the concepts of exterior and interior space are diluted.


Kamezí Senso Concept


Breakfast watching the sunrise

Only for Kamezí Boutique Villas residents


Enjoy a cocktail or a great wine facing the sea while the sun goes down






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